10 November 2006

Nice Day to Golf in Maryland

and here I sit on the computer rather than putting. I am trying putting to see if I can work out the stiffness in my arms without swinging away.

I updated to some pages. People were searching for golf strippers so I add a link to a news article about the strippers on a golf aouting and some cute golf model pics. Some wemaster stuff at abstract computer wallpaper and a couple cost ideas to raise some dough at part time work from home no purchase by Suse. New watch, some diet and easy diet health women tips and mutual wierdness to spend mony on at odd birthday gifts.

I here you Shrug I've just been letting everything happen without me lately. Today was a total loss. So it goes. Eh. I guess it doesn't bother me.

That's how it is
My life's been pretty dull lately. Today was a complete loss. I haven't gotten anything done for a while. Maybe tomorrow.

Current Mood: neutral

Everything to know about Vlogs Golf Gaussian Open Logic Format

What would you say if I told you that we simply need to realize to enjoy the small joys. Why am I talking about Vlogs, you probably wonder... Well. It was back in 2000 I was like a dry sponge sucking up everything around me. It did not occur to me back then what it is all about. So that's that. But something wasn't right. I collided with the powers of a fruit flies.

Uhm Your Jedi Master tells you:
"Strong your destiny is, but dark your fate. Mmm? Knowledge, a Jedi must have. If you choose the consuming and dark path, an agent of hate will you become. If you do not have balance, dominate you will the Dark Side. Wise with the Force I am. Yes?"

09 November 2006

My stance is too tense

Maybe I am practicing putting too much but I noticed my stance is very stiff in the shoulders. It is like I am too tense. I try to relax but my shoulders seem to want to stay tense. I stretch. But still I can feel the restriction in my swing. Maybe I should shoot some baskets or a hit a punching bag to warm up?