05 February 2012

Proper Golf Stance and the top three reasons golf gear matters

Proper stance for golf swing or golf shoes more important? While do some housekeeping on this golf blog I updated some outwear posts here:

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Is stance more important than other factors well one your a golf machine so gear has to fit or function. Second golf is a social game. Your presentation shows your opponent you are a winner and yet want to have a good time with enjoyment. Third if you care about the machine and you appearance as a winner it will occur.

What other golf factors are important as proper stance. Golf shanks is a topic we should cover. Then are tips on proper selection and attributes of golf irons.

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04 February 2012

What oversized golf grips taught me about life

I search for proper stance for golf swing. I style with the most functional golf shoes. Are my hand and wrists too tense trying to be analytical and efficient with these aspects of golf form that I miss out on creative using oversized golf grips?
Can golfers get creative? Use the left side of the brain to improve their game? I just tried a regular grip and sure that gripping tension was there.