04 March 2006

Golfer Stance Getting Set Up

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Golfer stance aiming tip seen at worldgolf.comm

Aim Correctly If You Want To Hit The Ball Straight Rick Baker, Courtesy of worldgolf.com Member Australian PGA, Former Club Professional Surfers Paradise Golf Club In my 30 years experience as a golf professional one of the most common faults I seen the average golfer make is that they don't know how to set up correctly. A lot of players think they have to aim their body at the target and forget where their club face and feet are pointing. The best thing to think of for a correct set up is to picture yourself standing on the nearest track of a railway line to hit a golf ball sitting on the other track. Your feet, hips and shoulders don't aim at the target they aim parallel but to the left of the target. The only thing that aims at the target is your club face on the other line. Such a set-up encourages swinging the club face through the ball along - rather than across - the target line. Try it you will soon see your shots fly straighter.

Speaking of golfer stance, what stance do you start out and end? A different golfer stance on the range?
How do you practice when you go to the range? Do you start by chipping, then pitching, then moving up through your irons to your woods and driver? Well, that's good, but why not try to mimic the situations you find in a normal round on the course? After you've warmed up imagine that you are on your favorite course and play the front nine in your head. First hole might be driver / six iron. Second hole 3 wood / 5 iron. Whatever the case is at your course play those shots on the range. If there is a dogleg left that you'd love to be able to drive, then picture that while you practice. That way when you get to the course you already know you can do it.

A golfer stance tip from http://blog.gophercentral.com/golf.html

golfer stance perfect setup Every golfer has the ability to set up like an expert, so there are no excuses when it comes to getting this part ofyour swing down pat. The term "setup" is a good one because that's just what this portion of your preshot routine does-- it sets up your whole swing. Here, from bottom to top, are five checkpoints for a perfect setup. All referencesare in relation to the target line, that imaginary straight line connecting your ball and the target:

1. Feet

Your left foot should be turned out about 25 degrees (a quarter of a turn). This makes it easier to rotate yourleft hip and knee correctly as you swing through the hitting zone. Your right foot is as perpendicular to thetarget line as your flexibility allows, setting up a post around which you pivot during your backswing. The width ofyour stance is measured from the inside of your heels, not from your toes. Take your stance and without moving yourfeet, mark the inside of your heels with two tees, then move away and check your width.

2. Knees

Your knee flex should match the knee bend of your normal walking stride just as your forward foot flattens on theground. Note: If you can see your shoelaces, you have too little flex; if you can't see your toes, you have too much.

3. Hip Joints

The tilt of your upper body toward the ground ranges anywhere from 10 to 35 degrees. You de-activate your centersof rotation (your hip joints lock up), forcing you to slide instead of turn. When you assume the correct set position,your abdomen is retracted upward and inward, and your fanny protrudes. To get the feeling, imagine that you're aboutto sit on an above-the-waist, three-legged stool.

4. Shoulders and ArmsYour arms should hang straight down from your shoulders with your upper arms adhering lightly to your body.

5. Head

Your head should be positioned in the middle of your shoulders with your chin held high in the proud position.If you let your chin rest on your chest, it will block your shoulder turn. The proud position requires you to"peep" at the ball with the bottom of your eyes, rather than stare at it with a droopy head.

Note Eye glasses and golfer stance: Don't wear bifocals when you play golf because they force you to drop your head to see the ball. Run througheach checkpoint from bottom to top every time you take your setup and in no time your setup will become automatic.